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Ice Lake Rebels: Season 1

The freeze and thaw periods are the two most deadly times of the year on Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories in Canada. This series follows a handful of survivalists as they hunt for food, drill for water, trade for necessities and protect their turf. It�s a lawless frozen lake of ultra-libertarians forced together during brutal winters. Choosing another kind of lifestyle, these rebels � families, couples and singles � have said goodbye to living life the conventional way on land and taken to floating homes and houseboats� Since they don�t live on land, they don�t pay taxes, and, therefore, no one polices them. The very things that we take for granted � from opening the front door to walking your pet to shopping for groceries and supplies � are incredibly difficult to navigate. As one rebel says, �It�s not man you have to worry about; it�s woman � Mother Nature.

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Movie: Ice Lake Rebels: Season 1

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Release: 2014

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